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             2014 Final Point Standing

The final 2014 point standings are now posted on the Shows and Events Page.  Please contact George Pfeiffer if you have any questions or detect any errors.  Revised Aug. 14.

                2014 Energy City Classic and Derby Pictures,
                  Results, and Scribe Sheets

Results from the 2014 Energy City Classic and Derby are posted on the Shows and Events page.

Pictures from the 2014 Energy City Classic and Derby can be seen and purchased at www.bestofthewestphotography.smugmug.com

Scribe Sheets from the 2014 Energy City Classic and Derby are posted on the Shows and Events page.

Thanks to all the members, contestants, and sponsors who made this year's show possible.  By all accounts, to was a great success.  The ground was great, and the weather mostly cooperative.  Thanks again to all.

                        2014 Show Schedule

May 23-26, 2014 Platte Valley Slide, CPRHA,  Broken Bow, NE (2 shows)

June 5-8, 2014 Energy City Classic and Derby, CSRHA, Gillette, WY

July 10-14, 2014 Yellowstone Slide II, YRHA, Wilsall, MT


Central Montana Reining Horse Association Shows The CMRHA will sponsor three shows this spring/summer at the MetraPark Superbarn Arena in Billings, MT.  Dates are May 31, June 21, and July 5.  See their web site at  www.cmrha.com for details.

2014 Membership Application:  Please renew you CSRHA membership by downloading to appplication from the Forms and Documents page and return it to Peggy Peterson.

NRHA Policy on Non Pro Logos  on Garments:  NRHA reminds Non Pros that they may not compete wearing garments bearing commercial logos added after the garment was manufactured.  This means you do not have to tear the W's off your Wrangler pockets, but no commercial logo may be added.  See their email in the Forms and Documents page for complete details.


1/5/14:  New officers announced on Home Page and Contacts updated.  Tentative 2014 show schedule added to Home Page and Show and Events.
1/13/14: Banquet announcement and reservation form added to the Home Page.  Announcements info on Home Page updated.
1/22/14: January 15, 2014 BOD minutes added to Forms and Documents page.  Contacts list updated to include appointed BOD members and committee membership.
2/23/14:  Sponsors Packet added to Forms and Documents page
3/5/14:  changed Keith Thomas email address on Contacts page.
3/17/14:  Home page updated.  Contacts list updated.  BOD list updated.
3/22/14:  National 9 added to host hotels.  BOD and general membership meeting minutes added to Forms and Documents page.  CPRHA, Energy City, and YRHA shows added to calendar.
3/24/14: BOD minutes corrected of Forms and Documents page.  Banquet photos added to Photo Gallery page
3/31/14:  2014 Energy City Classic and Derby entry forms added to the Home Page and Shows and Events page.
4/6/14: Gary Cooper reining clinic added to Announcements on Home Page.  Announcements updated and corrected.
4/13/14: Campbell County logo added to home page.  Officers list take off home page.
4/17/14:  Updated Show Package added.  May BOD meeting added to calendar.
4/19/14:  April 16 BOD minutes added to Forms and Documents page.
4/21/14:  Woolly Quarter Horse Show added to Announcements.
5/5/14:  CMRHA shows added to Announcements.  Obsolete announcements removed.
6/7/14:  Thurs, Fri, and early Sat ECC&D results added to Shows and Events page.
6/8/14:  Saturday results completed.  2013 results deleted
6/10/14:  Sunday results added.
6/11/14:  Scribe sheets added.  Past events and announcements removed.
6/12/14:  Corrections to ECC&D results
6/16/14:  Links to photographer, CMRHA, and board members corrected.
7/23/14:  2014 Points Standings added to Shows and Events page.
8/14/14: Revised final point standing added.

Our objectives:
To promote and encourage development of public interest in agriculture and ranching through the promotion of public Reining Horse Shows; the development of suitable and proper standards of performance and judging intended to govern all Reining Horse Contests sponsored and approved by the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA); to encourage the development and breeding of better Reining Horses; and to develop and disseminate informational material deemed desirable to provide contestants and spectators a better understanding of a proper performance of the Reining Horse in the show arena.

Description of a Reining Horse: A reining horse may be of any breed, size, shape or color (a legal size horse). To rein a horse is not only to guide him, but also to control his every movement. The best reined horse should be willingly guided or controlled with little or no apparent resistance and dictated to completely.

CSRHA Purpose Statement: To promote and encourage interest and participation in the sport of reining through informational clinics and public reining horse shows . Our shows will adhere to the standards of performance and judging as set down by the National Reining Horse Association.

NRHA web site at www.nrha.com .

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